Georgia: Giorgi Khmaladze's 'ecological shield'

A layer of vegetation covers the huge cantilever roof

by Malcolm Clark
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In Batumi, Georgia, Giorgi Khmaladze Architects have just completed this unusual Fuel Station + McDonalds with annexed McDonald's restaurant.

The project is located in one of the new urbanised areas of the city. Considering the centrality and importance of the site, the architect has decided to give back as much space as possible to the recreational functions of the city, limiting the footprint of the building and vehicular traffic. This has led to a compact volume with all functions included inside.

The spaces are composed in such a way that the two important functions - catering services and petrol distribution - are isolated from each other, both physically and visually so that all operations are hidden from the view of the customers of the restaurant.

The public space of the restaurant starts from the lobby, the entrance to which is on the ground floor. From here you can access the restaurant, located on a higher floor to the offer customers the experience of transition between levels.

The dining room is designed to offer customers a view of the external fountains and of the garden patio surrounding it on all sides to protect the space from background noise and offer a quiet and comfortable space. The layer of vegetation that covers the enormous cantilever of the roof of the filling station, gives the environment a natural look as well as acting as an “ecological shield”.

    Fuel Station + McDonalds 60

    Fuel Station + McDonalds

    Batumi / Georgia / 2013