Rome: construction of the first MAD Architects' Italian project has started

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Savills Investment Management announces that Phase 1 of the renovation of the new building in Via Boncompagni, Rome, by world-renowned studio MAD architects has now started. The complex is a brand new 30,000 sqm regeneration project incorporating premium workspace, world-class living residences and retails in a series of four design-forward buildings spreading over an entire block and elegantly integrated within the heart of the Rione Ludovisi, near the US Embassy and next to one of Rome’s most famous streets, Via Veneto.

The complex, set to complete in spring 2024, is the first Italian project designed by MAD Architects. MAD, with the support of Starching and Buckley Gray Yeoman, proposes a holistic intervention for the area, enhancing the identities of the project’s various components and developing a forward-looking and futuristic architecture yet inspiring a sense of community and orientation towards nature.

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The project consists of four distinct elements, including:

  • a ca. 17,000 sq m, prime, modern office building located along Via Boncompagni and Via Romagna, featuring a contemporary glass façade, double height entrance lobbies, terraces and world class amenities plus ancillary retail premises;
  • 4,200 sq m of prime office space, exquisitely designed to preserve and celebrate the historical facade along Via Sicilia;
  • 7,500 sq m of high-end residential premises located on the corner of Via Boncompagni and Via Puglie;
  • a multi-functional, wow factor space within the San Lorenzo Church, located on the corner of Via Sicilia and Via Puglie.


The current refurbishment project will increase the energy-efficiency rating of the building, reducing CO2 consumption, while the project’s conservation approach to retaining large parts of the existing concrete structure will significantly reduce the environmental impact in the construction phase. Integrated photovoltaics on the roof of the building will produce zero-emission electricity for use during the development.


“For Rome”, said Ma Yansong, Founder & Principal Partner of MAD Architects, “we wanted to create an open dialogue between new and old perspectives, by creating something soft, and fluid that would gently generate an elegant relationship with the historical city”.

    71 Via Boncompagni 50

    71 Via Boncompagni

    Rome / Italy / 2024