Winter House, a Winter Heaven in the Metaverse

Andrés Reisinger and Alba de la Fuente design virtual modernist house inspired by the coldest season

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Digital artist Andres Reisinger presents Winter House, a residential project for the metaverse inspired by the frosty season. Designed in collaboration with architect Alba de la Fuente, the project consists of an independent virtual building house characterised by clear geometric lines and soothing colours to convey a feeling of tranquillity for the cold season: a winter heaven in the metaverse.


Displaying the characteristic oniric aesthetic of Reisinger, Winter House represents another tangible step towards the digitalization of interiors and real estate, being the preliminary project of a metaverse architecture company Reisinger is establishing with other partners.

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The design of Winter House is centred on balance, seamlessly fusing the indoors and outdoors to create a winter hideaway. The general soothing atmosphere is created by the careful combination of different architectural movements.

Inspired by Dieter Rams' early 1960's designs, the building is supported by a large concrete structure that erupts from the soil; the imposing floating floor is juxtaposed with the glass walls that invite natural light to permeate the space. With clear floor to ceiling windows, nature becomes itself an integral part of the house. The residence’s contrasts and dualities are vital elements to create a distinctive habitat that revolves around intimacy and seclusion; the various areas of the house are designed to seem open and immersed in the winter landscape while at the same time convey a sense of intimacy and warmth.

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The interiors are defined by pink-toned pieces, some REISINGER and some custom made, juxtaposed against natural materials such as concrete, glass, steel and subdued beige tones, a texture and colour combination that offers varying degrees of warmth to each room. The carefully chosen materials represent the characteristic duality of the project and convey feelings of tranquillity in all spaces.

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This is the second virtual house Reisinger and de la Fuente work together on; their creative and architectural visions find a harmony and collide in new ways of understanding and acknowledging spaces, marking new steps towards the digital migration of real estate.

“We envisioned what the cold season could look like in the metaverse, gathered all the feelings of quietness, stillness and comfort we associate with winter with and translated them into a residential form” Reisinger states.

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Breathing the frosty air that pauses the mind from clattering, sensing the crunch of the powdery snow; feeling snow-blind while following the shining marks on the ground; being guided by the blushing sun while exiting the forest coated in snow; coming home, hearing the creaking fire and finding rest by it; observing the rose sunset, with stillness, from the poised interiors of Winter House.

Winter House is a residential project that can be applied to any existing and future metaverses.

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