Party time with Fabio Novembre, Ora Ito and A-cero

"We could design one the piece of the other, we are absolutely interchangeable"

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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MILAN DESIGN WEEK - The Spanish brand VONDOM celebrated his presence in iSaloni2013 in the huge setting of Terme Milano in Porta Romana. At that event we had the opportunity to interview Fabio Novembre, Ora Ito and Joaquin Torres of A-cero. The sinuosity of the plastic shapes composing the seats from the new collections blended into the garden of the spa perfectly.

Different minds, different concepts but the same philosophy, like a leitmotif running through all the creations with the same formal coherence. As Fabio Novembre explained “We could design one the piece of the other, we are absolutely interchangeable in the creation of those pieces”.

The Italian designer presented the new collection f3 _ form follow function. F3 is based on mathematical surfaces that flow freely until reaching the perfect function of each element ( f3 | poltrona da giardino modulare, vondom ).

Even if I don't completely appreciate the formal choice of Novembre, I have always been quite interested in his way of connecting design with other knowledge and on this occasion my it once again came up to my expectations.

“I recently finished reading a book that quite changed my life. It's written by one of the last philosophers Zygmunt Bauman. He talks about a liquid life, the life that nowadays we are living is exactly a liquid life without any support or handhold, it's a life where we must learn to swim quickly in order to not drown”  said the Italian designer “Designers are like antennas, what we are perceiving in this moment is just similar. We perceive the liquidity of this life and we are experienced swimmers”.

The concept behind Ora Ito's lounge chair looks more like a reminiscent childhood dream, “I want to sit and I want to imagine that when I am seated I can fly, so this is why it is called UFO collection. It's something that will give you the sensation that you will go somewhere else ”. (ufo | poltrona da giardino, vondom)

Wing collection by A-cero was born from the projection of the fusion of straight lines and curves and is composed of wing | sgabello da giardino, vondom and wing | tavolo da giardino, vondom. The curves and the extreme angles, characteristic of the last stage of the studio in the architectural level, are transported to this furniture design, betting on the free, organic and simple line, explained Joaquín Torres.