A super Instagrammable pink oasis opens in Amsterdam

Pink sand, palm trees, cacti, and a lagoon-like ball pit where visitors can enjoy tropical cocktails

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Less than 10 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station, you imagine yourself in a completely different world and it feels like you are stepping into a daydream. Pink sand, palm trees, cacti, and a lagoon-like ball pit where visitors can enjoy tropical cocktails. The completely pink 'beach' bar with a 300m2 sunny terrace is the ultimate dreamscape. Pink Beach is an initiative of the makers of WONDR Experience and was designed in collaboration with the award-winning Spanish interior designer Patricia Bustos.


The gloomy period of last year with twice a lockdown and isolation made Sarah Mendes - Founder WONDR & Pink Beach - dream about distant beaches and tropical places that were inaccessible for a long time due to the pandemic. Sarah was inspired by the pink-sanded Caribbean and Indonesian beaches.

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“We wanted to create a dream world where guests imagine themselves in a tropical environment. A place where people could enjoy tasty cocktails with their feet in pink sand. A surreal place where you have the feeling of being abroad, in a different reality and place. We think people are still in need of new experiences and places but the chances of a faraway tropical holiday this year were unlikely so we decided to create this sanctuary here in Amsterdam. The fun aspect is everywhere, the atmosphere is young, energetic, and hyper photogenic. We want visitors to have fun, relax and unwind. Guests can expect colorful funky cocktails, tasty uncomplicated food, and upbeat music.” - Sarah Mendes founder WONDR. & Pink Beach.


story imagePink Beach by Wondr.


Interior Design
Patricia Bustos, also known as the Queen of Pink, is responsible for Pink Beach's impressive interior. Last year, the designer received the FRAME award for best use of color. For the open-air bar, the designer was inspired by Art Deco and the work of photographer Slim Aarons with the aim of creating an oasis in the middle of a city. A timeless place that unburdens and stimulates all the senses.

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"Dolce far niente is an expression used in Italy to explain the pleasurable emotion we feel when we enjoy doing nothing at all. In this post-covid world, we live in, uncomplicated enjoyment is one of the things that we most crave. Re-connecting with friends, laughing together, and mobile phones of. Experience quality time.” - Patricia Bustos, interior designer.


Pink Beach opened its doors on June 8, 2021, at Meeuwenlaan 88, in Amsterdam (North), and can be visited every day. Visitors can reserve a table online, or a place in one of the lounges. Instax, the main sponsor of Pink Beach, makes it possible to capture the most beautiful moments with the most colorful instant photos for every visitor.


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Cover image: Pink Beach by Wondr