Ben Van Berkel: New platforms to share knowledge and exchange ideas

UNstudio and PROOF at Opificio 31

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MILAN DESIGN WEEK _ “Furniture is more related to the body is more sensual, closer, connected to who you are and architecture is more background! Architecture is important in the city and it's an incredible gesture in the large over scale. The beauty about furniture is hopefully having influences about the environment, so it's very nice combine the two”  Ben Van Berkel UNStudio founder.

UNStudio in collaboration with PROOF, found this perfect combination in the space of Opificio Courtyard in Milan during the Design week 2013.
The Dutch architecture office presented among the others, #005 SitTables. The piece is designed to integrate multiple purposes into one furniture piece. This mixture of table and seating was originally developed as ‘the longest table for all cultures’. The SitTable evolved into a furniture piece suitable for everybody, for many locations and various situations.

In collaboration with UNStudio’s Know ledge Platforms, during the design week was organized a programme of PlatformDialogues by specialists from within the UNStudio network, which included Giammichele Melis (Associate Director Buro Happold), Markus Benz (CEO Walter Knoll) and Leo Schouten (Founder / director PROOFF).

“We invited several specialists, friends and journalist in the cultural section to share knowledge and exchange ideas about the future. Not just to talk to each other, but to go online for instance. It's that the future!”

Visitors could try PROOFF #003 PhoneBox and PROOFF #004 Niche designed by Belgian designers Studio Axia (Mathieu Gabiot and Jean Loui de Ridder). Both products provide private and sound-insulating spaces for people using their phones or conducting meetings in public spaces.

Stay tuned to not miss the interviews with the protagonists of iSaloni 2013.