The OCT Design Museum in Shenzen China

A metal shell designed by Studio Pei-Zhu

by Malcolm Clark
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The construction work of the OCT Design Museum in Shenzen China, a surreal space dedicated to design along the gulf designed by the practice Studio Pei-Zhu, has been completed.

The unusual spheroidal exterior brings to mind a drop of water captured inside a metal shell.

The shell develops outwards from a constrained size and then creates an overhang which encourages circulation in the area below, guiding visitors around the building towards the entrance.

The only elements interrupting the dense “metal cloud” are the small triangulated windows and skylights arranged in an irregular manner along the lower portion of the shell, to mimic the illuminated reflections found on the water surface, introducing dappled streams of daylight into the internal atrium.

    OCT Design Museum 27

    OCT Design Museum

    Shenzhen / China / 2011