Apollo Architects' Neut House in Suginami Japan

Austerity and order by using simple finishing materials

by Malcolm Clark
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Neut House by APOLLO Architects & Associates is located in a quiet district of Suginami, Japan, on a narrow and deep plot bought a couple of eye specialists who love listening to music.

On the ground floor, the patio and double pane glazing constitute a “buffer” that absorbs sound and insulates from the outside. Natural light streams through the courtyard and makes the space extremely liveable.

The ground floor houses the more private rooms, the master bedroom and children's room. The second floor, on the other hand, is the living area. The large gabled roof makes sure that natural light filters through the windows and skylights to illuminate the space below.

The use of simple finishing materials inside, give the space a feeling of austerity and order. Furthermore, the combination of concrete and wood and the gabled roof give the rooms a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This “technique” allows the inhabitants to forget that they are in a densely populated residential neighbourhood.

    Neut House 24

    Neut House

    Suginami / Japan / 2011