Neri&Hu's design for the Westin Hotel in Xi'an China

Minimalism and local history live together in the hotel with an underground museum

by Malcolm Clark
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Located in the former capital of China, Xi’an Westin Hotel was designed by the well-known Shanghai architects Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, who draw inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture, in particular, from the layout of the rich homes characterised by a large central garden around which the building develops.

The Hotel Xi'an is made up of different buildings, each of a few levels, extending horizontally rather than vertically. The choice of pitched roofs is a further reference to Chinese vernacular architecture.

The sequence of rectangular openings, which define the rhythm of the main façades of the building, is marked by the colour red, with the aim of arousing in the observer the perception of architecture suspended above the ground or on the water.

The main entrances to the structure are marked by projecting roofs, made of wooden slats: a first access, reserved for hotel guests, leads to the lobby on the ground floor, a second entrance leads directly to the art museum underground.

    Xi’an Westin Hotel 98

    Xi’an Westin Hotel

    Xi'an / China / 2012