The TYIN ‘boat house’ by tegnestue Architects

A traditional Norwegian boat house converted into a house

by Malcolm Clark
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Many traditional Norwegian boat houses have been converted for summer recreational use. The TYIN tegnestue Architects project, called Naust paa Aure or fish Boathouse, recovers a boat house in terrible condition and about to be demolished.

The sources of inspiration for the project were its simple shape, its position and pure use of the materials, many of which recovered from the old boat house, either as shuttering for the concrete walls and for the foundations or as internal panelling.

The windows from the client's farmhouse were also reused. The exterior cladding is Norwegian pine impregnated with a by-product from the sugar cane industry, which give it a grey patina. The particularity of the project are its swinging shutters which open with the help of simple steel fittings.

    Naust paa Aure 159

    Naust paa Aure

    Aure Kommune / Norway / 2011