Monteverdi, a paradise for art lovers nestled in the Tuscan Hills

Here, Wes Anderson wrote the screenplay for "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

by Rossana Vinci
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The Tuscan countryside is one of those places that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who passes through. It is nearly impossible to visit this rural paradise and not be completely enthralled.
High on a hilltop within the Tuscan region of the Val d’Orcia lies the Medieval village of Castiglioncello del Trinoro. Today, built into the village walls, you will find the luxury boutique hotel Monteverdi Tuscany, the passion project of Michael L. Cioffi, an American lawyer of Italian heritage. On a trip to the region over a decade ago, Cioffi stumbled upon the town while on a hike, and was so overcome by the beauty of the place that he vowed to save the village from ruin and decay.

Fueled by passion after encountering the village, he set off to restore the place to the spirit and vivacity it once had. He enlisted the help of designer Ilaria Miani in restoring the village, and they undertook the project with overarching commitment to respecting the origins of the place. Throughout their process they used the materials from the original buildings, and remained always true to the intended structure of the village. In order to maintain the authenticity of the place, Ilaria Miani avoided using folkloristic restoration approaches and tourist clichés, always opting for traditional construction techniques and work by local craftsmen.

Miani has now been working on the project for 14 years. Most recently at Monteverdi, she has renovated various suites in a uniquely contemporary Tuscan style. In each room you will find unique furniture, made by local artisans, metal beds suspended in space, touches of geometric designed furniture, and colors inspired by the surrounding landscape and the hues within her favorite Renaissance artworks. Today, the property consists of 18 rooms, three villas, a world class spa, an infinity pool, the new Monteverdi Culinary Academy, an art gallery, a 14th century church, an enoteca, a panoramic terrace overlooking the Val d’Orcia and much more. Today, Miani and Cioffi are still continuing to work on the project of Monteverdi Tuscany.

The entire village now manages to creatively marry historical authenticity with modern design; this fusion can be seen in the luxurious interiors that are outfitted with advanced and eco-sustainable technologies, as well as bespoke local artworks and materials native to the region. Around each corner of the property there is a new discovery, an unexpected source of inspiration, a one-of-a-kind artisan bedframe, an artwork by lauded artists like Laure Prouvost, or the views of the Val d’Orcia which were represented by countless Renaissance painters.

In keeping with the region’s historic commitment to art, nature, and beauty, Michael Cioffi runs an active international music and arts program that takes place in the local 14th century church of Sant’Andrea. In each room and around the property you will find pieces from the Monteverdi contemporary art collection, which has been established over the years. The collection is largely comprised of works made by past artists in residence and exhibiting artists who have come to the Monteverdi Gallery, which is curated and overseen by Sarah McCroy.

Many musicians, actors and directors have chosen to spend their buon retiro at Monteverdi. One of note includes director Wes Anderson, guest and friend of Monteverdi, who during his stay wrote the screenplay for one of his most beloved films, “The Grand Budapest Hotel".



 Photo Courtesy : ©Monteverdi 


    Monteverdi 330


    Castiglioncello del Trinoro / Italy / 2012