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Aires Mateus’ own workspace ‘Atelier Cecílio De Sousa’ in Lisbon

by Rossana Vinci
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Set in a restored home on residential street Cecílio de Sousa in Lisbon, AIRES MATEUS & ASSOCIADOS’ own office Atelier Cecílio de Sousa is really a piece of art inside an architectural gem.

The result is superb and these amazing pictures made by Rui Cardoso prove it.



The building, retrains many urban bourgeois features of the late 18th and 19th centuries. The project is a new interpretations of historical architectural elements with contemporary and practical additions. An operation that emphasises the existent, recovering it and establishing new readings of a reality.


Permanent elements are contemplated, as well as wall-paintings, tiles and the main spatial structures. From these elements, the change is implemented, adding value to them.

Despite their separateness in terms of time, the new elements follow the history of the building with the autonomy of their time, integrated in a logic of the ‘whole’, established as the sum of all its construction eras.




Photo courtesy of © Rui Cardoso





    Atelier Cecílio de Sousa 55

    Atelier Cecílio de Sousa

    Lisbon / Portugal / 2017