Pine pavilion for the Andalusian "Museo del agua"

Juan Domingo Santos designer of the work at Lanjarón

by Malcolm Clark
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The Museo del Agua (water museum), designed by Spanish architect Juan Domingo Santos has been created in the Mountain community of Lanjarón on the southern flank of Sierra Nevada.

The structure, inaugurated at the beginning of 2010, celebrates water as a symbolic and material element identifying the town, which is famous for its spas and more recently for its industrial production of bottled mineral water. The work involved recovering a disused industrial plant with annexed abattoir, two stone faced buildings of which have been adapted for the museum, associated with a new rectangular plan Finnish Pine wood pavilion.

The slightly super-elevated wooden volume has been designed as a “space for the senses”, where you can relax and listen to the sound of water flowing amongst the eucalyptus tree trunks making up the floor, while the natural light penetrates through the wall slats. 17 orange trees have been planted in a square installed in front of the access courtyard according to a precise geometrical design.

    Museo del Agua 26

    Museo del Agua

    Lanjarón / Spain / 2009