Beyond Walls: one of the biggest artistic projects ever made!

A huge human chain around the world

by Cecilia Di Marzo
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Saype was born in 1989 in Belfort (FR), he currently lives in Bulle (CH). Passionate about philosophy and thought that we could call “existential”, his art explores contemporary challenges of his generation.

His art is a way for Saype to share his vision of the world and invites us to question our spirit, our place on Earth and in our society. Always through the prism of poetry, his artworks invite us to be more optimistic.

Our lives and acts are traces that we leave behind in this world, we must make them meaningful” 

Beyond Walls: one of the biggest artistic projects ever made! 
The artist wishes to open his message to the greatest number. His new project, Beyond walls, has been seen in the world’s largest capitals, starting from Paris and Andorre with a message of union, in this increasingly polarized world.

The hand is the powerful symbol of human exchange. Elderly, young, women, men, whites, blacks, etc... All are holding hands to form a huge human chain, a sign of mutual aid…


Beyond Walls, step 1: Paris, June 2019 - the beggining

Beyond Walls, step 2: Andorre, July 2019


The next step
After impacting the spirits, this summer in Paris and Andorre, Saype continues its global project. Several cities are already willing to welcome this solidarity and human project:
- September 2019: Geneva
- October 2019: Berlin
and other cities are positioning themselves to join the movement for next year: Belfast, London, Dubai, Cape Town, Buenos Aires.

More than an artwork, it is a message of optimism
Beyond Walls
 project shows interlaced hands, reaching out, shaking and united in a common effort beyond all walls separating humans and enclosing them in mental or geographical spaces.

Thus, the walls erected in mentalities become fictive partitions, wiped out by artistic imagination. It merely opens a breach in the real walls, the ones built by humanity within and against itself.

In this specific artwork, the symbolic wall crossing does not eliminate the singularity of each of the hands: they all tell a life story and are subtly marked with multiple backgrounds (social, geographical, ethnical, etc.). Beyond walls and with this universal farandole, every human individuality is granted rights of way and civil ones. The universality conveyed in this project is one of plural humanity.

“Beyond Walls” will cross borders in order to carry out this universal message and make it travel from city to city, all along this immense human chain.

Impacts mentalities without impacting nature

Made by the artist and his team, the paint is 100% biodegradable and made from natural materials. In his approach, the artist has the will to minimize its impact on the soil. The fresco fades to the rhythm of the regrowth of the grass before disappearing completely and naturally.

Beyond Walls project


Beyond Walls, step 1: Paris 2019 0

Beyond Walls, step 1: Paris 2019

Paris / France / 2019

Beyond Walls, step 2: Andorre 2019 0

Beyond Walls, step 2: Andorre 2019

Andorra la Vella / Andorra / 2019