'Check in' at New York: this time in the Foursquare offices

Simple but witty design by Audra Canfield for the offices of the geolocal startup

by Malcolm Clark
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Next 'check-in' at New York City. Where? In the new Foursquare's Soho HQ, created on a design by interior designer Audra Canfield from the Designer group Designer Fluff. The offices of the international platform that has reached 15 million users and almost two million check-ins, is on two floors and are characterized by a simple but witty design.

The interiors of Foursquare's Soho HQ are completely customized, dominated by constant references to the network's reality and language, starting from the check-in icon chosen for the design of the tables to the various badges that define the theme of the individual rooms and meeting halls.

Designer Audra Canfield explains: “I didn't hesitate when I was asked to help design Foursquare's Soho office in New York City, the concept of which had already been determined in a first stage by Derek Stewart, Director of Finance and Operations”.

Walking through the offices means coming across ping-pong tables, colourful games, collections of cameras, comfortable design furniture and walls covered with drawings or 'instagram-like' photos.

Foursquare was an adventure in design and a great learning process for me as a designer. Said Cranfield “Everyone was great to work with and I was proud to be part of their team in my own way.”

    Foursquare's Soho HQ 67

    Foursquare's Soho HQ

    New York / United States / 2012