Can design of a kids’ room edutain?

Kids’ space creation is a double responsibility and challenge that designer is facing. It should be safe, functional, aesthetic; it needs to grow with a kid and educate him in a way.

by Elen Miroshkina
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Strict and simple - geometrical forms help a kid to give a logical order to his\her ordinary life. And it’s not only about organizing toys, books and clothes. It’s also about planning, making priorities and creating a tagging system for keeping in memory different things. 

Geometry generates input to creativity, search for new decisions. As well as classical music it proves itself as a mental organisor assisting a kid to keep thoughts in order. 

The extraordinary wall unit attracts your attention immediately. It is made according to the design of the studio architects and serves as a storage system, a closet, and a playing area at the same time. It has closed drawers and open round sections perfect for storing toys.