Q&A with Hidemi Nishida

Creation of theatrical experience in fragile spaces

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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INTERVIEW _ Many times when traveling around the world, I run into weird installations set up on the side of a street or inside small galleries, without really understanding what their aim was, but just exploring them and going through this ephemeral reality.

When I discovered the work of Hidemi Nishida, with his polished and elegant structures which play with plastic and wood matter, I got in touch with him to try to understand the philosophy of the Norwegian based designer more profoundly.

Hidemi Nishida is a Japanese artist based in Bergen (Norway). Nishida's works look for an intense dialogue with the surrounding environment as clearly shown in his projects Fragile Shelter and, his last installation, Fragile Invasion.

E. How is your approach when you study a place to create your installations?

N. Project site is most important for my all project. I investigate all possibility of the site and figure out the way to create most theatrical experience.

E. When you elaborate a concept for a new creation, do you have any expectations about how the people will interact with your installation?

N. Through all my project I expect people to experience primitive pleasure. Long time ago, when people still living in cave, and the moment that the people started to build own houses, I think it was most brilliant, fun and pleased moment in human history. I'm trying to create such a pleasure by making spaces specially fragile spaces, making really weak border between inside and outside. it sometimes can be wondering and theatrical space or sometimes shelter for temporary community.

E. What was your most challenging project and why?

N. Actually Occupancy was challenging project at that moment because it's the project to make indoor of building. There is only few languages possible to use in my project, for example grid, volume, use, etc.. so I mainly used volume as back bone of the project and realized the space that is filled all volume with plastic bubbles. If it's under the natural environment, it has more rich languages and elements.  
"Incredible theatrical experience" is the concept for Occupancy. I tried to add fresh and extraordinary view in ordinary life through the theatrical experience.

Image courtesy Hidemi Nishida

    Fragile Shelter 88

    Fragile Shelter

    Sapporo / Japan / 2011

    Fragile Invasion 20

    Fragile Invasion

    Bergen / Norway / 2013

    Occupancy 7


    Sapporo / Japan / 2010