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New talents are coming in Milan

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2013 _ The Milan Design Week 2013 is almost ready to open its doors. Among many locations, which will show the most innovative design proposals, we have checked the most interesting ideas at Mostthe creative hub instigated by British designer Tom Dixon. The venue is located in the prestigious site of the National Museum of Science and Technologies.

Like last year MOST will be showing a large range of proposals from all around the world, exploring the role of technologies applied in design creations. During this edition, MOST will be focused on Disrupting Design: returning power to the designer and challenging the status quo.

"Through the years, I’ve designed and produced dozens of chairs. When we first started, Nob and I did everything ourselves, from welding and sawing to cutting and pasting. Some of the chairs meant the start of an entire collection of furniture, while others were the outcome of a collection. Most of the chairs were unsuccessful. There are numerous reasons why a product does not become a success. Sometimes the item is too expensive, other times it doesn’t have the right look (way ahead of its time) or it may simply be too heavy or too big. All of these reasons apply to all products, but even more so to chairs."  explains Piet Hein Eek.

The Dutch designer, well known for his work created with recycled material, perfectly embodies the topic of this year, coming with a new range of experimental objects.

Another interesting proposal is the latest collection by Czech designers Brokis in collaboration with LUGI to create a joint project called “Glass meets Wood”.

The display is a curated balance of furniture and lighting, of wood and glass, of warm and intense colour and calmness of natural materials. The installation was designed by Matej Chabera (designer and creative director of LUGI) and Lucie Koldova (designer for Brokis).

After their success in Istanbul design biennial and Imm Cologne the team of the University of Arts and Design Offenbach is coming in Milan, showing an experimental production setup with a self-made rotational moulding machine. The project is designed by the young designer Annika Fryes who created the installation for the PhD thesis supervised by Prof. Peter Eckart.

She produces new products such as vases, a coffee service and a pendant light. The designs relate to the idea of improvisation: they will be made with variable moulds. Thus, each object will be slightly different and improvised. 

Via Olona, 6B, Milan