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Exhibition Brazil S/A

by Antonella Fraccalvieri
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MILAN DESIGN WEEK_During the next edition of Fuorisalone, the young designers of the study Adolini Simonini+Associati will present their new products.

Hoop Lamp

Desk lamp/bedside table, consisting of a base and a diffuse cap, reinterpreted in a contemporary way, with shapes that refer to playful objects in a small size. the idea is to create a “take away lamp”, able to ensure a high quality illumination, thanks the latest generation LED system. Made of a metal fusion for the base and abs for the diffuser, it is proposed in monochromatic colors and two-color softouch finish. The power connector  is coated fabric matching the tone of the lamp.


Twist coffee table

The products proposed in three dimensions, are characterized by the four legs twisted design in relationship with the central axis. This solution creates a very distinctive optical effect, dynamic as a twist dance. The metal top is offered in cement, iron and rusted finishings.


Flywood chair

Solid wood chair, inspired by the traditional wood chair archetype is enriched of details in particular in the sections that compose the legs. The fusion of pure geometrical forms determines a wing development in the posterior part, by that we use “FLY” for the product name. It is proposed in “olmo” and “noce” woods as well as bi-chromatic options.



First prototype of a chair that is part a full outdoor furniture collection composed by tables, sofas and poufs. They are all realized in wood and in steel connection junction, proposed in various finishings.


Adolini+Simonini Associati at Exhibition Brazil S/A

Palazzo Giureconsulti Piazza Mercanti, 2