Notre Dame Redesign: 7 Design Proposals

Alternative ideas to redesign the roofline and collapsed spire

by Rossana Vinci


The image of Notre-Dame cathedral in the throes of a ravaging fire in the evening of Monday April 15th will be etched on the memory of us all for evermore.


Shortly after the fire which destroyed the cathedral's famous spire, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that an international architecture competition would be organized for the spire's reconstruction expressing the wish that the future project should be "adapted to issues of our time".


With the Notre Dame design competition underway, last week, designers began proposing ideas for the restoration of Notre-Dame.


Here are seven of the most original: 



1. An educational and inclusive greenhouse on the roof Studio NAB

© Image courtesy of Studio NAB 



2. A crystal spiral symbol of the fragility of history and spirituality - Studio Fuksas

Restoration of Notre Dame de Paris

© Image courtesy of Studio Fuksas




3. A glass roof and a new spire made from crystal glass and stainless steel - Norman Foster

© Image courtesy of The Times



4. A lightweight crown that connect heaven with earth - Vizumatelier

© Image courtesy of Vizumatelier



5. A eclectic mix of arches and balls wrapped around a central staircase Kiss The Architect

© Image courtesy of Kiss The Architect



6. A spire made from bright spotlights - Anthony Séjourné

© Image courtesy of Anthony Séjourné



7. A monumental permanent flame covered with golden leaves Mathieu Lehanneur

© Image courtesy of Mathieu Lehanneur





© Image courtesy of the architects and designers




  • Christopher P.

    Norman Foster but colour the Glass roof in the same way the marvelous Windows are coloured

  • aLEX pONCE

    We are lost! Stupidity reached architecture. It is not possible to try to change something that does NOT need any change. It is a monument, a symbol that only needs reconstruction. Beliefs should not influence the architect's universal criteria.

  • Pamela Villalobos Wuaman

    La primera es la única coherente para mi, ya que si no se va a replicar idéntica, debería primar el concepto de la época, en mi opinión la ecología, me gusta que tenga áreas verdes como símbolo de la importancia de la naturaleza.

  • Benoit Pelletier

    Number 2 is the best, with the light beam! Number 1 is also excellent.

  • Benoit Pelletier

    Number 2 is the best, with the light beam! Number 1 is also excellent but probably imposible for weight reasons.


Restoration of Notre Dame de Paris

Paris / France / 2019