Aspa Arquitectos's black & white apartment expansion in Lisbon

Not a restoration, but an extension that exploits the 'empty' space

by Malcolm Clark
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Apartment in Junqueira, by Aspa Arquitectos, is a project focussing on the intent to keep the Lisbon building's original decorative and construction features unchanged.

The work performed on the apartment should be analysed and understood not as restoration, but as an extension, putting to good use the “empty” space of the building in relation to its original characteristics.” say the designers.

This single level, whose internal height is 5.20 m, was left completely visible in the living room, dining room and bedrooms, characterized by the predominance of white. The other rooms, circulation and service areas (corridors, bathrooms, hallways and kitchen), however, have a reduced height dictated by the creation of a black box-like mezzanine containing them and overlooking the living area.

Apartment in Junqueira 81

Apartment in Junqueira

Lisbon / Portugal / 2012