F Looptecture: the corten steel and copper tidal wave proof building

The centre designed by the Shuhei Endo Architect Institute is located in Osaka

by Malcolm Clark
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The new Tsunami monitoring and prevention centre designed by the Shuhei Endo Architect Institute in Minamiawaji in the bay of Osaka has a cor-ten steel and copper skin.

Lithe profiles generating two intersecting and overlying circular plan volumes (giving the structure its name of Looptecture F.) have been preferred to the flat linear surfaces which are capable of withstanding the force of a tidal wave.

The volume is distributed over two levels where the ground floor is without functions: the reason for this is that in the event of flooding, the water could flow away under the stilts that support the main floor. The first floor on the other hand contains the research laboratories, monitoring rooms and an exhibition and information area for the visitors. From inside there is a view of the sea through the circular openings of the façade.

On the top of the building there is a green roof, protected with respect to the outside and accessible from the steel spiral staircase around which the whole building is built.

    Looptecture F. 17

    Looptecture F.

    Minami Awaji-city / Japan / 2010