Zaragoza: the new elevated sports court project

Guzman de Yarza Blanche redesigns the playground of the LaSalle–Franciscanas school complex

by Malcolm Clark
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The elevated sports court designed by the Spanish architect Guzman de Yarza Blache for the Colegio LaSalle College - Franciscanas in Zaragoza (Spain), is an interesting example of exploiting an anonymous school playground, increasing the usable external area by creating a structure with a strong visual impact.

The necessity of carrying out the work in a short time during the summer holidays when the school was closed, strongly influenced the choice of creating a prefabricated reinforced concrete structure.

The two imposing prefabricated beams that make up the structure allow the pillars to take up as little space as possible and maximise the use of the space below the court, thanks to a free span of 13 m. The double wire mesh, works internally as a protection and externally becomes a supporting element for the climbing vegetation, transforming the overall image of the intervention in a few years.

Two long side ramps, perfectly integrated into the complex, provide direct access from the buildings and from the courtyard.

The use of colour to compose the pavement, together with the vegetation, represent an essential detail to soften the hardness of the structure.

    Pista deportiva elevada Colegio LaSalle-Franciscanas 16

    Pista deportiva elevada Colegio LaSalle-Franciscanas

    Zaragoza / Spain / 2012