MEA 2013: Mediterranean Sustainable Architecture

International Design Competition

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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COMPETITION _ The MEA2013 is a new international design competition covering all buildings that have been completed during the last five years in the Mediterranean zone. The contest is promoted by Building Green Magazine.

This competition is an opportunity to point out innovative sustainable design projects realized around the Mediterranean basin, where climate and economic conditions are akin. Its goal is to enhance exchange of ideas on environmentally conscious design, enriching the ecological sustainability approach. It also aims at highlighting projects that follow the principles of sustainability in architecture mainly through environmentally responsive passive design solutions.

Implementation of natural systems and mild technologies is more welcome than high performance applications, mostly welcome are projects that deal with regional sources, enhancing the individual identity of regions and promoting diversity, immediately linked to the spirit of ecology. Original and seminal projects are requested, which improve life standards and have low impact on the environment, both ecological and cultural.

Each participant architect, or groups of architects, may submit only one project completed during the last five years (after January 1st 2007), in the following categories: civic, urban, residential, healthcare, cultural, leisure and commercial design.

All judges will examine and grade each project from 1 to 10, commenting on their decision. Best entries will be awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in each building category. The winning projects will receive a MEA2013 Award Certificate.

The material must be submitted by 5 April 2013.