Freya's cabin

Balanced high on golden stems overlooking Kielder Water in Northumberland

by Malcolm Clark
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This cabin (Freya’s Cabin) is part of a project for two small structures on the banks of Kielder Water, an artificial lake in Northumberland England, to provide a stopping place for visitors walking or cycling on the lakeside path.

Studio Weave, project designer, drew their inspiration from the tale of Freya and Robin. “According to the legend, Freya, the goddess of flowers, builds a cabin to seduce her lover, Robin, who lives on the other side of the lake. The cabin is made with twisted branches and woodland flowers are at the entrance. When Freya sees Robin rowing across the lake but not towards her, she cries tears of gold, covering the cabin with the precious metal”, explain the designers.

The cabin is made of plywood panels, with light acrylic bands which allow light to pass through them and form the railing. The structure rests on brass lined bars fixed into a concrete basement. The cabin has been lined with pre-shaped sheets made of a copper-aluminium alloy, chosen for their warmth and for their long lasting golden finish. The panels have tear-drop shaped perforations fixed to allow for the natural expansion of the structure in time.

    Freya’s Cabin 73

    Freya’s Cabin

    Northumberland / United Kingdom / 2009