Volkswagen T-Roc.

Stylish design that redefines the crossover concept.

by Archilovers
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Sleek lines, smart technology, maximum personalisation, that’s how you make a crossover with character. Volkswagen combines poise with excitement, the city lifestyle with sportiness and versatility. The T-Roc is the queen of the urban jungle, at ease in every situation.
Volkswagen's new DNA is amply apparent in the T-Roc’s exterior style and proportions, as well as in its innovative interior architecture, which redefines the cockpit for the digital age.

The strong horizontals of the instrument panel are sporty, elegant, and minimalist, featuring an advanced, fully glazed 8-inch infotainment system and latest-generation digital Active Info Display. This unique interactive environment offers a safe, immediate and intuitive driving experience.


Thanks to the very latest driver assistance systems as standard—such as Front Assist, emergency braking in the event of a potential rear-end collision, and Lane Assist, stopping your car from drifting out of its lane ‑ Volkswagen technology confirms its position as leader in functional design that accelerates human potential.