Colour Therapy

5 Design firms who use colour in radical ways

by Rossana Vinci
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For the last several years, beige ruled the walls and neutrals reigned as the colour of choice in many fashionable homes.

Today the face of interior design is changed in favour of a palette extending from pink to green, from yellow to deep blue.

It can be scary to venture outside the comfort zone of neutrals colors, but playing with unexpected combinations of shades can be fun.

Here are five colour creatives, whose designs run the gamut from artful pops and jewel-coloured ceilings to entire interiors drenched in pink. See their approaches and copy their bold choices!



Casa Josephine Studio

Casa Josephine is an interior design studio based in Madrid and founded by Pablo Lopez Navarro (manager) and Iñigo Aragón (art direction and design). The design studio has signed decoration and architecture projects for housing, retail and workspaces.

Casa Josephine was recently awarded by AD Magazine with “Fresh Talent” Prize 2018 as one of the most promising teams in decoration in Spain. Pablo Lopez Navarro and Iñigo Aragón © Casa Josephine;  Galería Madrid (2017), a restoration of a 25 sqm entrance hall into a showrom in Old Madrid by Casa Josephine Studio. Ph. © Asier Rua.Agencia Madrid (2017) complete restoration of a motorcycle repair shop into a Marketing Agency in downtown Madrid by Casa Josephine Studio. The design is based on sharp contrasts of colour blocks built by monochrome tiles. Ph. © Iñigo Aragón.





Dimore Studio was founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran out of an explicit need to create a more sophisticated identity, primarily for those wishing to distinguish themselves by crossing over boundaries momentarily en vogue. By avoiding the use of superfluous or provocative forms we are able to create an identity with a strong impact, consisting of simple and sophisticated signs, evocative of far-off and distant times, counterpoised between softness and rigidity, light and dark.

DimoreStudio’s Britt Moran (left) and Emiliano Salci at home in Milan | Ph. © Mattia Zoppellaro.

Hôtel Saint-Marc, Paris (2016) by DIMORESTUDIO - Ph. ©Philippe Servent

Hôtel Saint-Marc, Paris (2016) by DIMORESTUDIO - Ph. ©Philippe Servent; Corrispondenza - Glazed stoneware wall/floor tiles (Ceramica Bardelli) designed by DIMORESTUDIO.




India Mahdavi

Architect and designer, India Mahdavi is based in Paris. Her studio, created in 1999, is known for the diversity of its international projects which explore the fields of architecture and scenography, interior, furniture and object design. Her signature has become a reference for renowned hotels and restaurants such as The Gallery at sketch in London.

The interiors she conceives are elegant, fluid, and in relation to the essence of their location. She says, ‘The location and space are the starting point of all of my projects and each project is like an open question, for which there is a unique answer. Each project tells that inner story.’

India Mahdavi; Café Français, Paris (2013); Ph. © Matthieu Salvaing

Sketch London (2002).

Germain (Paris) Ph. © Derek Hudson (2002).




STUDIOPEPE is a design studio founded in Milan in 2006 by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. The design firm take a visionary and multidisciplinary approach to interior design, styling, set design, style consultancy, and trend forecasting. 

Beginning from solid interior design experience and the strong emotional value of its eclectic design research, Studiopepe has carried out styling projects and iconographic shoot concepts for major international magazines. “Our philosophy is based on a conceptual approach inspired by the unexpected, and on an extensive iconographic and visionary background, generating results that are unique of their kind”.

Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto Ph. © Andrea Ferrari; Republic of Fritz Hansen Store Milan (2012) Ph. © Andrea Ferrari.

Spotti Milano (2012) Ph. © Andrea Ferrari.

Spotti Milano (2012) Ph. © Andrea Ferrari.

Palladiana - Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles (Ceramica Bardelli) designed by Studiopepe.



Marcante-Testa | UdA Architetti

In 2014 Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa set up “MARCANTE-TESTA / UdA Architects”, a research oriented firm focusing on architecture, design and company consulting in the field of materials and furniture.

Their home interiors are supposed to be both serious and fun, rustic and cosmopolitan, democratic and refined, practical and elegant, manly and delicate: if certain interiors excite us, it is because they are examples of possible choices between conflicting aspects of our personality, of the legitimate aspiration to transform our own disturbing contradictions into something beautiful.

Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa; Metaphysical Remix, Turin (2015)

Fonction et Fantasie, Turin (2014) Ph. ©Carola Ripamonti 

Confetti - Glazed stoneware wall tiles (Ceramica Vogue) designed by Marcante-Testa 




Cover image: Hôtel Saint-Marc, Paris (2016) by DIMORESTUDIO - Ph. ©Philippe Servent