Best Interior Designs on film

Movies you need to watch before decorating your home

by Rossana Vinci
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Roman Polanski said that "good cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater", this is especially true if the décor is right.

After all, what is American Psycho without its sterile styling or The Great Gatsby without its opulent interiors?

Here, we celebrate the most emblematic on-screen rooms along with a selection of real-life props to recreate each mise-en-scéne.

No matter what your decor style is, these movies are sure to inspire!



- TWIN PEAKS  - Surreal 


Perhaps the most iconic imagery from the David Lynch series, the Red Room at the Black Lodge exists in FBI Agent Dale Cooper's dreams. The nightmarish high-contrast herringbone floor and perimeter of pooled red stage curtains suggest a genteel captivity.


A Scene From "Twin Peacks" (1990-91) directed by David Lynch.




- Archiproducts design tips for your own Twin Peaks revival:





Rug: Linea (Tacchini Edizioni); lamp: Luminator (FontanaArte); fabric for curtains: Porto (More Fabrics); armchair: Victor (Mariani).




- THE GREAT GATSBY  -   Art Decò 


Art Deco was a celebration of life in its most luxurious form!

The design of the Gatsby estate was based on the 20th century Art Deco houses in Long Island. The interior is filled with wonderfully ornate features, rich timber floors, delicate crystal chandelier. 


A Scene From "The Great Gatsby" (2013) directed by Baz Luhrmann.


Tom and Daisy’s Sitting Room.




- Archiproducts design tips for your The Great Gatsby own revival:



Armchair: Pleiadi lounge (LINEAG); rug: Azra LCA-2352 (Jaipur rugs); sideboard with doors: Ghirigori (Cantori); Chandelier with Swarovski® Crystals: Toochic (Euroluce Lampadari).






Patrick Bateman’s apartment from American Psycho is one of the most iconic locations in recent film history; the sterile set design by Gideon Ponte is as impersonally creepy as Christian Bale’s performance.


A Scene From "American Psycho" (2000) directed by Mary Harron.

Patrick Bateman’s apartment from American Psycho.





- Archiproducts design tips for your own American Psycho revival:




Sofa: Suita (Vitra); lamp: Raval floor (Creativemary); footstool: Piecera 130 lounge (FueraDentro); coffee table: Star round (Lamberti Design).






The Görlitzer Warenhaus Department Store in Görlitz (Germany) became the filming location for the primary sets of The Grand Budapest Hotel, as well as the headquarter of the production. 

The team built two complete sets in the Grand Hotel lobby: one for the 1920s-30s timeline and another for a sequence taking place in the 1960s after the hotel is drastically changed to match the post-WWII culture.

Below are a few screenshots from the movie of the Grand Budapest Hotel during its declining years in the 1960's:


A Scene From "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (2014) directed by Wes Anderson.

The Grand Budapest Hotel's Lobby room.





- Archiproducts design tips for your own The Grand Budapest Hotel revival:




Easy chair: Celine (Hamilton Conte Paris); ashtray: SA90 (Matrix International); pouf: Belte (MY home collection); sofa Onda (Oliver B.).




- 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY  -   Renaissance style


The iconic science fiction film scene, when astronaut dave bowman encounters the space in a strange and disorienting episode, is bathed in white light, renaissance paintings and sculptures placed throughout, while glowing tiles lining the floor. 


Behind the scene of "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Immersive replica by KplusK design firm of "2001: a space odyssey" at los angeles art space,  image courtesy of the 14th factory.




Archiproducts design tips for your 2001: A Space Odyssey own revival:




Highboard: Diamante (Cantori); Print on paper: Alphabet N (Funky Milk); Wall light with Swarovski® crystals: Dafne (IDL Export); bedside table Ghirigori new (Cantori).