Hironaka Ogawa's Garden Tree House

The new 'life' of two thirty-year-old trees which have grown up with the house

by Malcolm Clark
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The young Japanese architect Hironaka Ogawa has designed the Garden Tree House, in the prefecture of Kagawa. It is an extension to a 35 year-old house on whose site there were two trees, a zelkova and a camphor, the same age as the house, that needed to be removed.

When I received the offer for the project, I thought of various designs before I visited the site... However, all my thoughts were blown away as soon as I saw the site in person.” The two trees stood there quite strongly. I listen to the stories in detail; the daughter has memories of climbing these trees when she was little.” said Hironaka Ogawa. “These trees looked over the family for thirty-five years. They coloured the garden and grew up with the family. Therefore, utilizing these trees and creating a new place for the client became the main theme for the design.”

The two trees were cut, leaving the branches intact, were dried in a special oven and put back in their original position using them, however, as the main structural columns in the middle of the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.

    Garden Tree House 83

    Garden Tree House

    Prefettura di Kagawa / Japan / 2010