A holiday retreat in Mexico

This romantic little hideaway is available on Airbnb

by Rossana Vinci
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This compact, romantic retreat for two can be found nestled in an area of dense vegetation near the surf town of Puerto Escondido, on Mexico's idyllic Oaxacan coast. Dubbed Tiny House, is actually available for booking on the popular site Airbnb at a reasonably modest price.


Tiny House was the first commission undertaken by the young architect Aranza de Ariño, who was still an architectural student at the time of designing the structure at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. 

Even if the beach is only 200 meters away, the house  stands in the middle of green vegetation, so you can hear the waves, but what you see are trees, plants, and the Sierra Mountains in the distance. It’s about connecting to the outdoors.

Happily isolated, the holiday home consists of a kitchen, bathroom and open mezzanine bedroom, reached by simple alternating tread stairs.

While the house is small, the durable construction makes Casa Tiny feel opulent and secure.

The roof, floor slabs, stairs and furniture are all built out of concrete, which appears everywhere in the house, giving it a robust feel.

The other main building material is the native parota wood, a dark honey coloured timber less dense than other exotic hard-woods. This is used for the doors, windows, closets and shelves.

Two concrete terraces extend out from the core, one encompassing the swimming pool and the second an extension of the kitchen. Its concrete dining table runs continuously from the cooking area to the terrace, encouraging dwellers to throw open the shutters and mellow out with nature.

A set of uniquely designed tread stairs provide access to a mezzanine sleeping area, which are both extra compact and provide an additional storage compartment below. The sleeping space overlooks the Mexican hillside via a wide angled window which is again wooden-shuttered.


All photo by © Camila Cossio Photography


    Tiny House 398

    Tiny House

    Puerto Escondido / Mexico / 2017