«Renzo Piano & Richard Rogers» exhibition at The Centre Pompidou

On the 40-year anniversary, the Parisian museum celebrates its authors

by Rossana Vinci
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« We have been utopian without knowing it » said Renzo Piano during the press conference for the "Renzo Piano & Richard Rogers" exhibition's inauguration. 


In the 1970's, British architect Richard Rogers and Italian architect Renzo Piano — in their thirties, both unknown at the time — worked together on the Pompidou Centre’s project in Paris, for which they were awarded the contract in 1971. Acclaimed modernists Oscar Niemeyer, Jean Prouvé and Philip Johnson were among the jurors who selected the duo.


The initial intention of the two architects was to create much more than a museum; rather, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers sought to create a cultural icon. Their competition entry was the only to propose using half of the available land on-site.

With their project Piano and Rogers have given birth to an anarchic and libertarian architecture, heir of 68’, as well as one of the most famous and radical buildings of our time, Centre Georges Pompidou

This year, the Pompidou cultural centre, officially opened on January 31, 1977, also known as the Beaubourg, celebrates its 40th birthday with an exhibition dedicated to its authors.



Until 12 February 2018 visitors will have the opportunity to discover the history of the building through countless press cuttings, special articles in trade magazines and photographic reports.





"Renzo Piano & Richard Rogers" 

From 13 December 2017 to 12 February 2018 at The Centre Pompidou, Paris



Cover photo:© Archives Centre Pompidou 


  • Florida Steve

    In 1982, my wife and I backpacked throughout Europe. We visited the Pompidou Center, and one evening before sunset we took a basket of roasted chicken, wine, French bread and brie cheese, rode the escalator to the top and had a romantic dinner on an open stair landing. We saw the sun set beyond the Eiffel tower. That is one of the most vivid memories of our young life together. I am now 61, and my sweet bride, stricken by breast cancer, is now in Heaven. God alone knows how much I miss her.


    It is really overwhelming & passionate to read your comment Steve, may the soul of your wife rest in peace forever... Indeed, the rooftop at the Pompidou center is an amazing place to spend time & be inspired! I studied in Paris and have spent beautiful years of my lifetime there... and Pompidou center was one of my favorite spots in Paris as a designer... and still. Happy Holidays... Cheers.

  • Roberto Lucci

    Renzo Piano designed my house in those years and I spent 10 years of my life in that wonderful home near Milan. Florida Steve and Shady Njeim expressing their feelings at the rooftop of Center Pompidou remind me of the serene, free, open atmosphere I enjoyed in my home. Bravo Renzo Piano !

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