This Micro-apartment can be built in one night!

by Rossana Vinci
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Meaning ‘stick’ in Finnish, Tikku is made using Cross-laminated Timber, can be assembled overnight and can go anywhere!

The first 1:1 scale prototype (with a sleeping, working and green-house floor) was showcased at the Helsinki Design Week 2017 by the Helsinki-based design firm Casagrande Laboratory headed by Marco Casagrande, the Finnish architect, environmental artist, urban philosopher and 2013 European Prize for Architecture.


The apartment is a safe-house for neo-archaic biourbanism, a contemporary cave for a modern urban nomad. It will offer privacy, safety and comfort. All the rest of the functions can be found in the surrounding city.


Tikku is also a full fledged home that fits into the space occupied by one car (just 2.5 X 5 meters of space), comes with its own solar panels to harvest energy, and it has dry toilets. No added insulation is needed.

With normal streets Tikku does not require any foundation, it will just simply stand on the street.

The functions and combinations of the spatial modules are endless, it allows you to choose the kind of Tikku you want to build. You can choose to convert parts of your home into an office, shop, kitchen, sauna, dojo, workshop, or even a hotel-room! 



©Nikita Wu – Tikku, Casagrande Laboratory


© Casagrande Laboratory



©Jenni Gästgivar – Tikku, Casagrande Laboratory


©Jenni Gästgivar – Tikku, Casagrande Laboratory


©Nikita Wu – Tikku, Casagrande Laboratory



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Cover Photo: ©Jenni Gästgivar – Tikku, Casagrande Laboratory