About Katja Pettersson: a peek at Swedish design

by Valentina Ieva
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Katja Pettersson, one of the founders of the design group FRONT, has experience a broad spectrum of design. Before studying industrial design at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design Konstfack she worked in theatres and with textiles, in which she also has a Bachelors degree from the Textile University in Borås.

During her studies at Konstfack she co-founded the FRONT in 2003, which she decided to leave in 2009. Katja Pettersson has been working as an independent designer since 2009 and works with investigating design projects in the The Fifty Fifty Projects which combine design with a social commitment and an interest in the working conditions and production conditions of designers.

Photo credit: (c) Joakim Bergström

In her design research Katja is often inspired by the way people behave and the relationships they have with the objects they surround themselves with. Besides this, Katja is fascinated by materials and technology.

Photo credit: (c) Joakim Bergström

The designer says: "Idea development and design go hand in hand with practical knowledge of production and project management’’. Katja aims to create projects that establish an emotional, sensual, or intellectual connection with their users; "If my design in one way or another communicates parts of this connection I am reaching my goal!’’

Photo Credits: (c) Patrik Limdvall

At the Stockholm based Kleerup Gallery Katja presented new prototypes; The Sphere and One Day, at the galleries "Contemporary Light Works’’ exhibition. The two prototypes are a result of Petterson’s on-going studies on light.  

Photo credit: (c) Joakim Bergström

One Day is a fictitious window that stimulates the course of light during a day. It is also an on-going survey, started in January 2013, to assemble light temperatures through colour and to research how strong the light is during the hours of the day. The inspiration for Bubble Gum lamp are based on our mutual agreement and understanding of the world.

Form Survey is a variety variety of 25 geometric shapes and scanned objects from nature that are printed in a 3D printer.

Photo credit: (c) Joakim Bergström

In Features of material work she designed fast hand made sketch of an object. A craft that involves parameters, imposed by the material, tools, scale and the physical body of the maker.

Photo credit: (c) Joakim Bergström

The objects gets tweaks and have a specific expression in their hand made imperfection. Some of the objects are left with no practical function and some are made in a durable aluminium material lending the fragile cell plastic expression.


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