LEM+ designs the 38 social housing units in Eaubonne

A strong commitment to integrate the two new buildings into the existing urban context

by Malcolm Clark
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Thirty-eight new social housing units have just been completed in Eaubonne, in the Île-de-France region, designed by the Parisian office LEM+ architectes.

The complex, located amongst peripheral houses to the west and large residential blocks to the east, integrates two buildings that create a true urban environment. The project breaks down the “wall” effect of the traditional linear blocks. The architects propose to open the public space to the existing park making a transition of scale by means of the well-thought out choice of positioning the first building against one of the existing blocks.

A strong linking axis between the 'path' that leads to the school to the west and a portico to the east was created with a second L-shaped building constructed on a more 'domestic' scale. The volume and the levels were designed to create transparencies while masking the 'isolating' effect of the existing block located behind.

The result is well-structured architecture that respects the residents who have lived in this area for more than ten years. The architects have created common glazed areas, as well as housing units with two aspects, with living areas that open onto balconies, creating a visual continuity and offering the residents generous views over the surrounding environment. Particular care has been given to the design of the functional aspects of the apartments like, for example, the use of sliding doors that open completely to expand the interior space to the full.

The architectural identity of the project is reflected in the architects' strong commitment to integrate the two new buildings in the existing context, allowing the residents to communicate with each other and creating a new and unique urban environment.

    38 social housing units in Eaubonne 40

    38 social housing units in Eaubonne

    Eaubonne / France / 2013