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Tjep at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2013 _ Amsterdam based TJEP will infuse Milan with some of their ‘tjepology’ in an exhibition at the Ventura Lambrate area of Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Founded in 2001 by Dutch designer Frank Tjepkema, the studio has a reputation for iconoclastic work across a broad field of expertise that includes award-winning interior, architectural, product, furniture, and jewelry design.

Presented at the fair will be Hendrick’s Collectiona contemporary furniture range inspired by the trappings of bygone days and pays homage to the 17th century paintings of Hendrick Avercamp, an artist who devoted his life entirely to the portrayal of Dutch winter scenes. Nostalgia and modern esthetics, a juxtaposition of old and new, brought together in solidly handcrafted Ash or Oak wood and finished to perfection. 

Il Treno, is a standalone piece, this daring item creates a dining experience reminiscent of the old secluded train compartments on the Orient Express. Il Treno is about intimacy and romanticism: for there is nothing better than enjoying fine cuisine while being transported to new landscapes. This modular unit is handcrafted in Ash or Oak wood and comes in two versions, one with storage for your fine china and one without.
The first prototype of this modular unit was designed for the project of the restaurant Fabbrica Bergen

Isolée, the house is a new architectural design delivering an ecologically friendly retreat from the modern world. Combining intelligent technology with elegant sophistication, this design creates a habitat that barely impacts its environment. With massive opening shutters spanning the length of the building, intelligent self-sufficient heating systems powered by a mix of energy sources and topped by a solar tree, this home ensures minimal reliance on fossil fuels. Anchored to the landscape on just four points, the Isolée creates permanence, but with an engineered beauty that is inspired by nature and harmonizes mankind’s relationship with the world.

TJEP will launch exclusively at Milan, the new jewelry collection Laser3.14.

Il Treno 0

Il Treno

Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2013

Fabbrica Bergen 27

Fabbrica Bergen

Rotterdam / Netherlands / 2011

Isolée 10


Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2013