Ljubljana: '80s graphics for the interior of YMS Center hair salon

The Slovenian duo Kitsch Nitsch redesigns the Mič Styling hair salons

by Malcolm Clark
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Bright colours and 80's graphics characterize the interiors of the two YMS hair salons in Ljubljana (Slovenia) designed by the firm Kitsch Nitsch for the Slovenian hairdressing chain Mič Styling. The task assigned to the two designers was not only in the interior design project, but also how to rejuvenate the style of the whole brand.

The walls are characterized by their whimsical texture design, made of self-adhesive vinyl with bright colours, reflecting the intense activity of the two designers as graphic designers. The graphical representations of the walls become a support for the arrangement of the furniture.

The furniture, made to measure for the two projects, recalls the shapes, colours and volumes proposed in the 1980s by Ettore Sottsass jr and partners' Memphis Group, all laid out more commercially rather than employing real creative research.

The geometries of the sofas are reminiscent of the Dublin sofa, designed by Marco Zanini and the tables le fantasie creations of Michele De Lucchi.

We have an artistic approach to our work and like to mix different aesthetics into a harmonious whole or a clash of contrast. We work a lot with self adhesive vinyl film that has the ability to quickly transform the visual aspect of a room or an object without changing its internal structure” explain the two inspired designers.

    YMS Center hair salon 13

    YMS Center hair salon

    Ljubljana / Slovenia / 2012