Mason Studio pavilion @ Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2013

by Valentina Ieva
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For Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2013, Mason Studio challenges the noise of our everyday and attempts to pull you out of reality and into a work of fiction, if even for a fleeting moment.

Nestled on a side-street in Toronto’s West End, a large series of gentle, cloud-like objects gather to form a site-specific installation, engulfing the space to submerge you in an ethereal moment of quiet.

The motion sensitive objects react to the surrounding environment. Upon inspection, the forms quickly emanate with light; walk away and they revert back to neutral, leaving a trail of dark behind you.

Fabricated from transparent tissue paper, the material was chosen for its ability to billow and fill the space. The natural inconsitiencies of the creases and folds modulate the light in a manner to emulate the soft filtration of light by clouds at dusk.

Mason Studio is a Toronto-based Interior Design studio creating spaces at the junction of art, graphics, objects and technology, dedicated to crafting immersive environments to challenge our habitual observations of the everyday.

Though their experiences extend to almost every continent, they maintain a deep connection with Canada and make it a necessity to engage at a local level for every opportunity. It is an understanding of Canadian design in a global context which gives potency to  designs.

Their creations are not the product of an isolated process. At Mason Studio, the model is based on a collaborative strength, bringing together the sharpest minds and the steadiest hands to help bring our visions to life. They understand and respect the level of skill and dedication that goes into the process of design, so they respectfully pay tribute to the creative professionals who contribute their talents.

Together, they become Canadian design; not by defining a new aesthetic, but by creating a collaborative and shared process. With these talented artists to help support our craft, they are proud to call Canada our home.

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