The Raiffeisen Bank in Zurich

Its acrylic stone walls reproduce human faces

by Malcolm Clark
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Designed by international design studio NAU Architecture, based in Zurich, in collaboration with Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects, the interior of the Open Lounge of the Raiffeisen Bank Zurich is capable of linking the building's history and rich cultural past. Indeed, its walls, made of the acrylic stone hi-macs®, are adorned with portraits of the quarter's most prominent past residents.

The branch, Raiffeisen Bank's flagship, is located in Zurich's Kreuzplatz and dissolves the traditional barriers between customers and bank staff, creating a new kind of 'open bank', a meeting place. In this project, the relationship with customers has been redefined. Indeed, the Open Lounge represents a prototype bank in which not only the relationship with money is taken into consideration. It may be considered to all effects an urban space, bright and open, like a luxury boutique. The main feature of the space is the use of Rosskopf & Partner's HI-MACS®, made with a state of the art process, for the walls.

    Raiffeisen Bank Zurich 71

    Raiffeisen Bank Zurich

    Zurich / Switzerland / 2011