The special 3D fabric by Studio Mikabarr

by Antonella Fraccalvieri
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DESIGN - Studio Mikabarr is a textile and print design studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The studio, by Mika Barr, develops and creates unique 3D textiles and textile- based products in various printing techniques, for fashion and interiors. The latest projects are Ori and Poli.

Ori light series is an offspring of the collaboration between Producks design studio and textile designer Mika Barr. The design starting point was Mika's Folding Apart fabric. The fabric has a special print on it that gives it an inner structure making it fold according to the printed pattern. The name comes from the word "Ori" that means folding in Japanese, and also consist the word "Or" which means light in Hebrew. The idea behind Ori was to create a new typology.

The geometric cloud-like shapes are manufactured identically, however ori makes the user part of the process, giving him the opportunity to interfere in the finaldesign and give it a unique shape. the shape can be changed time and time again. the folding affects the shape when the light fixture is turned off and ever more so when it's turned on, giving the light many tones and shades. The light coming through the fabric also reveals the inner geometric structure printed on the inside of the fabric. Ori is made of a closed pillow-like shape, when you need to replace the light bulb you just open the hidden zipper. The series consist of a pendant lamp, a floor lamp and table lamp.


Poli is an innovative lounge chair, born from the collaboration between textile designer Mika Barr and industrial designer Gil Sheffi. It reflects the designers' common perception that integration between textile and industrial design can create exiting new meeting points.

The material was at the base of Poli's creation process. It is made from a fabric, especially developed for the project ,in which a printed pattern determines the textile's dropping, folding and movement, enabling it to turn into a 3d form creating a unique and refreshing aesthetics. Poli uses one spread of fabric for the seat, back-rest and arm-rest, exploiting the fabric extras for folding. In this process the fabric has an active part in the creation of the final form, making it both planned and natural. Poli geometric visual appearance transforms into a comfortable, welcoming feeling once seated upon.

Courtesy: Studio Mikabarr

Studio Mikabarr