BASE Temporary Urban Design Summer School 2017


by Valentina Ieva
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Where urban planning and temporary architecture meet: BASE Milano is launching its Temporary Urban Design Summer School, a summer course for international students, with the purpose of redesigning the former Ansaldo area courtyard, turning a loading-unloading yard into a public space open to the whole city. The resulting project will be presented at the 2018 Milano Design Week.


Co-ordinated by the Berlin collective raumlabor, the course involves the development of an urban transformation project which will be carried out in autumn/winter 2017-2018 and presented during the Milano Design Week 2018. The course will take place from July 3rd to 16th 2017 and includes:


An intensive course led by professionals from various design disciplines and guided by raumlaborberlin, with theoretical exploration of green space, landscape design, urban furniture and lighting, as well as geographical features, analysis of neighbourhood needs, events for the activation of the new piazza, feasibility analysis, study of materials, execution planning, prototyping and construction of the first modules.

2 weeks’ accommodation at casaBASE, BASE Milano’s creative residence located in the heart of the Savona-Tortona district and the ideal place to stay overnight, exchange ideas and chat in close contact with the creative community at BASE Milano. Full board offered by un posto a BASE, the BASE Milano bar-bistro (breakfast, lunch and appetizer).


Who is raumlaborberlin. An artistic and architectural collective founded in 1999, it operates in the area of urban design, architecture and art, participating in temporary performance pieces in the public arena. Their approach is interdisciplinary, seeking out collaborations with local figures, experts and professionals in other fields. Raumlabor projects result in spaces that function as urban activators. By setting up moments of exchange, places of conflict are redefined through the search for hidden potential, giving way to new perceptions.


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