‘Ready - Set - Go!' exhibition @ Kunsthal Rotterdam

The event starts on February 22th

by Valentina Ieva
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The seventh edition of Kunsthal Light highligths the graphic artists Ruwedata and Ephameron. Especially for the Kunsthal, the two artists work together and create a long collage using the whisper game ‘Chinese Whispers': one sends an idea digitally to which the other one responds and gives back. The artwork starts on one side with a layered collage of Ruwedate with illustrations and typography painted on wood.

Through the joint lettering ‘Ready - Set - Go !' the installation continues with the graphic work of Ephameron. How the work unfolds, is shown live in the Etalage of the Kunsthal starting from 18 February.

Ephameron & Ruwedate

Ruwedata (Thijs Kelder) and the Flemish Ephameron (Eva Cardon) combine their images more often in (inter) national graphic projects. Eva Cardon lives in Antwerp and exhibits around the world. Numerous domestic and foreign magazines have published her work. She captures moments, thoughts and feelings by using and combining different techniques and materials such as collages, drawings and prints.

In the Kunsthal Eva creates an installation where broken hearts and healed body parts are joint together in wooden sculptures, representing friends and loved ones.

Thijs Kelder works as a designer and artist in Rotterdam since 2006. His roots lie in the undergroundworld and sticker culture. He has become known for his striking black/white designs.

For the Kunsthal he creates a time image of life in the fast paced urban culture and its many visual languages​. It is an ode to old advertisements, neon lettering and its decay.


Nationale-Nederlanden is ambassador of the Kunsthal. As part of this collaboration, the work of Ephameron & Ruwedata is also shown on the 18-meter long imagewall in the Nationale-Nederlanden building at the Central Station in Rotterdam, starting the 21th of February.


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