The Emo project by Lulu Li

Light installation at Beijing Design Week 2012

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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Lulu Li is a Beijing-based artist/graphic designer. She graduated in Fine Arts from Shandong University and in Chelsea College of Art and Design in London.
Lulu works “with any parameters of any given situation”, she uses everyday items “as a catalyst to trigger, intervene or evoke a series of reactions, chain reactions or to change the readings of everyday life”.

In 2012 she talked at Pecha Kucha Night in Beijing and partecipated with Fabrica Mobile Museum #6 at 0110 0001 Gallery in Caochangdi.

She presented to us one of her last works: Emo project light installation, which was included at "HOW TO…" exhibition curated by BET and Zara Arshad during the Beijing Design Week 2012.

What’s the idea behind emo project?

The idea behind the emo project is originated from a fantasy i had of my text msgs, some of them are not left in vain, or gone missing, or perhaps were not communicated. I always wonder where they went, in my mind I imagined maybe they all felt into or stuck in the gap of a virtual space or somewhere. Sometimes i thought maybe they landed on top of old buildings, street corner, wasteland, or at the bank of the lake. I made these glowing text msgs light sculptures physically is to externalise this myth visually, then I used as way to metabolise it.

How did you choose the location of your emo project installation?
Random places in urban spaces that has a quality of being abandoned, overlooked or ignored, or too banal to be appreciated, it's the metaphor of that place where all the communications felt though and made impossible. 

Photo courtesy: Lulu Li