Immersed Birds: the simple elegance by Studio Moisés Hernández

by Cecilia Di Marzo
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Moisés Hernández is a Mexican born designer based in Mexico City. His hometown, being chaotic and over populated, as well as Mexican objects, traditions, textures, social contrast and chromatic diversity are elements influencing Moises’ work.

His most recent work is called Immersed Birds: a collection of wooden toucan, hummingbird and Mexican quetzal chosen because of their glowing chromatic range and the incredibly saturated colours of their feathers.

“In an attempt of generating a balanced dialogue between machine made and handmade objects” says Moisés, “we made soft and continuous shapes milled with CNC technology contrasted with handmade painting done by immersion in coloured water, an experimental technique we developed for this project, which gives the birds a unique personality.

This technique of painting allows to achieve an interesting texture of intersections and transparency made by layers of colour that resembles the plumage of birds. The amount of colour, hue and the way sections cross one another depends on the time and position the wood is plunged.

This way, the birds acquire a duality, where handmade and machine made complement each resulting in three decorative figures”.

Courtesy of Studio Moisés Hernández