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Wonderland invites young architects to apply for a Blind Date!

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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In cooperation with the Chamber of Architects of Milan, Wonderland is organizing a series of Blind Dates in spring / summer 2013.  In each event, one Italian team will come together with two other European teams to present and discuss different points of view and approaches on a selected topic.

The topics revolve around the creation and establishment of an architectural practice.  The aim is to confront the differences in professional practices in different European countries and in relation to the Italian situation, mainly deal with the 'HOW' of everyday architecture.

Since 2011, Wonderland, platform for european architecture, has been connecting professionals from various countries and bringing them together to promote and encourage cross-border exchange.

Blind Date is a format for presentation, communication and networking of young architectural teams, urban planners and landscape architects, developed by wonderland. Blind Dates create a platform for young architectural professionals to present their own work and ideas to the public - maybe for the first time. The teams will never have met before and their only point of connection is the common topic of discussion for the evening.  With these events, wonderland offers young European architecture professionals the opportunity to present themselves to an international audience, to provide ideas for discussion and to make new friendships and collaborations.

The deadline is 11th of March 2013 and the topics of discussion are:

Getting Started where to go, what to do, how to keep up, ... 8th of May, 2013
Making Mistakes where things can go wrong, what to do when things go wrong, ... 22th of May, 2013
Going Public how to go public, where to go public, ... 5th of June, 2013 
Getting Specialized why specialize, what to specialize in, how to specialize, ... 19th of June, 2013 
Making Competition how to make competitions, what happens next, ... 10th of July, 2013 

All the events will take place at the Chamber of Architects in Milan.

See more about Blind Dates here and watch the VIDEO.