The Archetype house at Wenzenbach by Fabi Architekten

Sufficiency and respect for the place as 'aims of building the future'

by Malcolm Clark
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fabi architekten have designed an archetype house in Wenzenbach, Germany. The Black on white studio house, a minimal intrusion into the topography of the hill consists of two volumes: one homogeneous black one with a doubled gabled roof, projecting and rotated with respect to the underlying white one, with a flat roof. The volumes are closed on the street side, but are open to the quiet forest.

Plunging into the hillside, the house develops all the most private functions of sleeping and relaxing in an 'underground' room in the belly of the earth and dedicates the upper studio to all the others like “working, thinking, talking, eating, celebrating”, always accompanied by view of nature.

Sufficiency and respect for the place are the aims of building the future.

    Black on white studio house 99

    Black on white studio house

    Wenzenbach / Germany / 2012