Cammeray Close Residence in Western Australia by Superdraft Pty. Ltd.

An environmentally friendly Home that used Corten Rust Panel Cladding

by Charlene Ara Gonzales
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This home in Cammeray Close, Western Australia is one of Superdraft Pty. Ltd.'s most interesting projects in 2015. Aside from being environmentally friendly, their building designers used Corten rust panel cladding for the home's exterior design.

The architect chose corten metal cladding because the material develops a distinct orange colour in time, which complements the rustic and earthy surroundings of the residential area. They wanted to give this home a distinctive feature–a natural aged look that stands out.


As you can see, the architects covered the roof and the walls with corten metal. This design doesn't allow water to accumulate in the roof, hence avoiding fast corrosion of the metal. It also directs the material's run-off away from other surfaces. This way, the homeowner wouldn't need to worry about unwanted stains caused by the natural surface weathering of Corten steel.

  • Steve Swindells

    Looks like a beautifully designed house - but why so few photos, and no interior shots?

  • Pb Wilkin

    What additional insulation would be required in this very hot/cold environment given the poor insulation properties of steel ?