Edited Architecture - International photo contest

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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Homemade Dessert launches "Edited architectures".  The international photo contest aims to think critically about a space that has been re-purposed, the architecture or environment transformed from its original function to accommodate a new set of programmes or uses.

Even the most successful of spaces can be subject to change over time, in relation to advancements in technologies, or evolving political, social and economic patterns. Physical transformations might be enacted as a result of rezoning strategies, growing populations of users, ageing structural systems, the influence of neighbouring elements, or, as we have seen become a more powerful agent of transformation in recent years, the effects of changing climatic conditions.  


The space can be of any scale. Submissions might range in focus from the idiosyncratic (and perhaps inexplicable) alterations to a space by an individual, to the mass overhaul of urban centres or infrastructural systems.

The competition will award a grand prize of US$ 1,000 to a winning entrant. Winner and Honorable Mentions will be published in international art and design media as well as on the Homemade Dessert website. 

All submission materials must be sent by May 15, 2013 (Closing date for registration May 10, 2013).

Top image: 1st prize Winner : Minas Konstantinou (New York) Space in transition 2012 competition