"Glass Elephant" installation

Design installation as part of 2013 Stockholm Design Week

by Valentina Ieva
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An elephant in a china shop? No – just heavy industrial robots in a landscape of glass. As part of Stockholm Design Week 4-10 February 2013, Glass Elephant, a design installation in the borderland between industrial design, craftsmanship and performance, is on show in the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities’ Skeppsholmen Caverns. The exhibition architecture has been designed by TAF Arkitekter.

The installation is open to the public 5-9 February 12-6 pm and is located in the Skeppsholmen Caverns, the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities.

Glass Elephant is a unique, creative collaboration between Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and ABB.

“The purpose of the installation is to diversify and vitalize Stockholm Design Week’s image as an innovative and dynamic meeting place for the best in Scandinavian design. We want to create inspiring experiences and added value for both industry professionals and interested members of the public" explains Cecilia Nyberg, Event Manager of Stockholm Design Week and Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, which acts as the hub around which Design Week has developed in the last decade.

The exhibition explores the properties of glass as material and muse, and tells a story about the meeting of contrasts. Gossamer glass meets robot arms of steel and the advanced tactile technology of the hand meets the indefatigable precision of the machine in a floating, inquisitive interplay.

“Our basic concept originates in the cavern setting, which is completely without natural light. We want to emphasize the existing space and have added what was not already there. So the installation design has windows as a theme – they are symbolic, as you can’t see out” says Gabriella Gustafson, TAF Arkitekter.

Other designers taking part are Ann Wåhlström; Carina Seth Andersson; Katja Pettersson; Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin, Massproductions; Note Design Studio; Simon Klenell and John Astbury, Whatswhat.



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