Mermelada Estudio, watchword: 'experimentation'

by Angelo Dell'Olio
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Shape, material, systems: 'experimentation'. This is Mermelada Estudio, an international product design studio founded in 2009 in Barcelonaby Juan Miguel Juarez, Laura Blasco and Alex Estévez.

In spite of their apparent inexperience, Mermelada Estudio, offer us a rich portfolio of projects "in search of new perspectives", the result of an intense activity that has seen them grow in different areas of industrial and product design with several collaborations with companies such as Kvadrat, Fermob, Kettal and Joque.

The project Mermelada estudio contains a mix of personalities and contamination, and it is clearly visible in the whole collection of projects presented in recent years to a large public. Starting from the modular lamp Maya, inspired by a beehive, to the Nansa indoor swing, the Druida BBQ that recalls the large kettles druids used to prepare their magic potions, ending with Welcome, the indoor playhouse for children inspired by a typical Chinese lantern, commissioned by Kvadrat.

Mermelada Estudio: "We look for the outstanding in everyday life"

Courtesy: Mermelada Estudio



    Maya 16


    Barcelona / Spain / 2009

    Nansa 5


    Barcelona / Spain / 2012

    Druida 2


    Barcelona / Spain / 2011

    Welcome 9


    Barcelona / Spain / 2011