Renzo Piano's MUSE: opening date announced

On July 27th the new Science Museum in Trento will be inaugurated

by Malcolm Clark
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July 27th 2013 is the date set for the opening of MUSE (Science Museum) in Trento designed by Renzo Piano.

The President of MUSE, Marco Andreatta, confirmed this: “We are halfway there. In six months we will open the new Science Museum in this building that was completed exactly six months ago. An architectural complex, designed by Renzo Piano, which interprets the geography of our territory, of our mountains and at the same time provides the manifesto of Trentino, of our scientific research and of our cultural environment, a brave and utopian investment of the Trentino  policy and community.”

A recurring element in the Genoese starchitect's projects is the close interaction between architecture and energy savings, which, in this building, means using various sources of renewable energy in particularly solar energy, using photovoltaic cells and solar panels, as well as geothermal energy by exploiting geothermal probes for heat transfer.

The exhibition installations will be 'invisible' as if they were in a suspended time and arranged in a large single space. The different topics will be together and each one will trigger the curiosity of visiting the next”, says the architect Susanna Scarabicchi.

So now we can only begin the countdown and monitor the final phases which precede the opening, using the web cam, updated in real time, on the website of MUSE.